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After Class Notes

First off, my apologizes for the dead zone in my posting. Secondly, this will be short but note worthy.
Every semester I meet a new group of new students for the first time. Even though it always goes pretty well, I go through the nervous jitters the hours before class starts.
Today was no exception, I reviewed my notes, re-wrote them and worried that the eleven page outline wouldn’t be enough to get me through the three hour class.

After six years of teaching night classes, all things fell into place and went very well. Two or three pages carried us through the night. I should trust that the outline was I designed to provide 12 hours of instruction has and will. Given the personalities of the students I can tell that this will be a good class.

Remember that I come to class after eight hours at my day job and raising kids. That said I am not boasting but setting a point of reference to say that leaving class each week I find my self pumped! It’s 9:00 on a Tuesday night, I just worked an 11 hour day and I am ready to go!

After twenty five years of drafting teaching has given me new appreciation for a skill that I had lost respect for. The students I meet share a common interest with me. Many of them have great stories to tell and some become part of my business network.

Listen, I can go on but the point is this, if you have a trade or skill that you can share with others, be it kids or adults, do it.

  • The return on your investment will be ten fold.
  • Face fears and find new confidence in yourself.
  • Be yourself, be sincere and offer organized content that you are passionate about.
  • Admit where you fall short on the subject and provide links to resources that will fill the hole.

Teaching isn’t for everyone but giving back, some of what you were fortunate enough to receive, is.

Make it a great day!


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