Update on Autodesk Student Community

Last year I got very excited about the potential uses of the Autodesk Student & Educator’s Online Communities. So I started the process of registration and told my students about how cool the site was along with the free software downloads.
At the time I was teaching an introduction to CAD, using 2d Autocad. The only software that was not offered was Architectural Desktop, needless to say that was disappointing to all of us.
There is much more that the site offers but that was a key thing that we needed.
The update, I ended up at the educators site this week and to my surprise there was Architectural Desktop available for download. I have figured out, yet, why the change but I am, once again excited.
I work in Maine and the general concensous in the design field here is that “it will be a while before 2D cad can be eliminated. As a small design firm we hire out consulting services for civil, structural, electrical and mechanical design. Three out the four are not using 3D cad yet and the one that is has limited capabilities. We have built up relationships with each of our consultants and that alone is important enough to hold back on going 3D entirely.
In our own office 3D is starting to find its niche as a conceptual design tool. Two of us have become efficient enough to create the contract documents utilizing 3D and we do as much as possible. Still converting base documents to 2D for the consultants.
I am an advocate of the technology but when I got the feeling that Autodesk was no longer supporting Desktop in order to promote Revit I felt that would a mistake, if that was the case.
I am researching this more but for the time being, if you are a 2D student rejoice and learn with free software.
The link to the Student Community is to the right.


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