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After twenty years of using cad I stepped out of my comfort zone and taught a cad class at the local community college. That was four years ago and what was a personal challenge has become a passion for teaching and sharing the knowledge that I have.

My goal here is to help those interested, become familiar with using cad. Through sharing my experiences I hope create an environment where users can share helpful information. I am sure that there are a few other old timers like myself that have much to offer!


” Not until teaching did I realize what I had taken for granted, and discovered such a reward”

A Brief Bio:

  • I graduated from Central Maine Community College in 1983 with an associates degree in Architectural and Civil Engineering Technologies
  • Worked for Civil and Structural Consulting firms but the majority of my experience has been in Architecture. Within that time I progressed from hand drafting to CAD drafter, designer and project manager.
  • Four years were spent in the Precast Concrete industry as product designer, estimator and technical sales.
  • I taught Advanced CAD for the local community college 2003 to 2005. Currently I am teaching an “Intro to Autocad” and “Google Sketch Up” courses for the local adult eduction and career training program.
  • I have run a technical graphics business from home for ten plus years.

The following areas of interest are open for discussion:

  • Architectural
  • Structural and Civil
  • Manufacturing fabrication and shop drawings
  • Training

I am also intrigued by and investigating the following areas where cad skills can be applied:

  • Building Information Management (BIM)
  • Facility Management
  • GIS

Though I may focus on CAD as a tool, the career, and training I welcome questions and comments on anything related to the subject. Those who know me, know how I can ramble on so join in!

Welcome to a passion of mine,

Louie Turcotte, Jr.


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